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The Ground Rules on Aerial

In early summer, 2017 Transport Canada issued an Interm Restriction on the operation of UAS (unmanned aerial systems) or what is commonly referred to as drones. From this time, they have been working with various business and industry representatives to come up with a fair but safe set of rules for flying UAS (drones). On Friday, Sept 8th, they presented their current outline as well, solicited direct feedback from actual people & businesses affected by the rules. There are many who are seeking to follow the rules but at the same time, bring to Transport Canada's attention how the current system hinders operation and is costing not only thousands in lost revenue, but countless hours spent in application and paper processing.

The new guidelines are due to come out in January 2018, once the nation wide stakeholder presentations are complete (they are visiting over a dozen city centres across Canada) and they've had a chance to review feedback directly from us.

I was proud to be there and take part in the process, gathering valuable information on flying safely and within the rules, as well as contributing how it's affecting the real estate side of marketing. I'll be presenting more on this topic as the announcements come out, as well, providing you with an understanding of what it takes to fly legally, safely and within the rules.

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