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MEASURING & PLANS measures and collects pertinent data on over 150 homes a year. Professionally trained and certified by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CRA), we understand construction and adhere to ANSI Z765 standards.

Our services range from full data collection, to simple, outstanding floor plans and construction plan cleaning.

Detailed property report | Kelowna |

A comprehensive, reliable, third party property assessment, providing all the details including:

- Construction style

- Exterior finishing & trim 

- FFA (finished floor area)

- All room dimensions

- All flooring & finishing details

- HVAC & appliance names

- Utility services

- Parking

- Lot size, frontage & depth

- Municipal zoning & sub area

* Plus measured distances to area amenities, schools, shopping, bus stops, fire hydrants and more.

House floor plan | kelowna |

Clear, colour, concise and easy to read, giving you and your prospective clients (buyers, guests, tenants, designers) the complete floor plan. Provided in .jpg image format with large scale print & PDF available on request.

Plan Cleaning

cleaned floor plans | kelowna |

We can edit complex architectural trade plans, removing excessive lines, structural details and distractions, resulting in clean floor representations that are perfect for marketing and ease of room understanding.

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